Who we are

MMMassimo Maio

Founder and Co-Director

 has spent the past 12 years specializing in the water treatment sector, projecting and realizing desalination plants in Asia, Africa and the Middle East. His Cum Laude degree in International Co-operation and Conflict Resolution has proven invaluable when dealing with the diverse cultural and political differences around the world. He recently addressed the Water Quality Monitoring and Assessment Summit in Johannesburg, focusing on the human factor.



KBKeith Benton

Founder and Co-Director

 has been involved in and around film and video production for over 40 years much of that time working with new and innovative projects and technology. For eleven years He was a Staff Member with Landmark Education (now Landmark Worldwide) as Center Manager and Regional Controller. During that time, and for several years since completing on staff, He worked on various transformational educational projects around the world pioneering courses in Eastern Europe, Africa, the Middle East and Latin America, budgeting, organizing and managing.