Papa New Guinea

Papa New Guinea

The Population is at 7.3 million with 6 million living in rural community areas.

4.3 MILLONĀ people are without access to clean, safe drinking water.

Oxfam New Zealand say dirty water in Papua New Guinea kills 368 people every six weeks, that works out to 3,189 deaths per year due to unsafe drinking water.

PNG has huge diversity of flora and fauna, it has more languagesĀ than any other country, with over 820 indigenous languages. Communities can be remote and cut off.

The majority of water supplies are – public standpipes, boreholes, wells or springs.

PNG is a country rich in mineral deposits, including Gold, Oil, and Copper and also produces Palm Oil, which brings with it multinationals entering the country for mining rights, but the major problem is a degradation of water ways from pollutants including arsenic, coming from increased mining and industrial activities.

Water borne Malaria is the leading cause of illness and death in Papa New Guinea along with out breaks of Cholera.

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